Hello i'm Marion from France! And Brittana is my OTP!
~Fate has laid a hand~
I mostly watch Glee, Arrow, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Under the Dome, Supernatural, Orange is The New Black, Orphan Black, The Walking Dead, Agent of Shield, Revenge, Grey's Anatomy and some others things..



"Cause everyone always forgets that they killed gays as well."

This point can’t be emphasized enough.

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Pour certains on le savait, on s’était préparé au pire, mais d’autres ont disparu d’un seul coup, sans prévenir.
On leur a pas dit au revoir, ils sont partis sans notre accord, car la mort a ses raisons que notre raison ignore.

Grand corps malade - Nos absents (via une-vie-derisoire)




People be jealous that Brittana are together? Aww. Want a tissue for your issue?


Guess based on our tag, some bitter quinntana and dantana fans are now trying to take shots at brittany. let’s us enjoy our endgame


tumblr has educated me on so many things and i can’t go on for a whole 5 minutes in real life without wanting to start a fight with someone

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